Manifested Glory Ministries

Pastor Barbara & Bernard Stowers

Church Service Transit

Need a ride to church? We got you covered!

jesus_kidsSimply select the date [or dates] and fill in the other details below and we’ll pick you up about 1/2 hour before service starts.

Please ensure you submit your ride request before 6pm Friday to ensure you’re on our list for Sunday morning. Currently serving the following zip codes: 

  • 98001,98002,98030,98031,98032,98035
  • 98055,98057,98063,98064,98071,98089
  • 98093,98148,98158,98188,98198

We will confirm and give you an approximate pickup time either by email or by phone. This is a volunteer service to our community – it is free of charge – if you’d like to help out with gas costs etc., you can donate to our church here.

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